Tarkett has been collaborating with Chiaradia Exhibitions for over 20 years, and I personally have had the pleasure of working with them regularly over the span of the last 15 years. Together we have produced trade show stands from as big as 2 levels over 1,600 m2 to conceiving of and building displays and furniture for our 3.000 m2 Paris showroom. The reasons for us repeatedly having chosen Chiaradia Exhibitions over competing suppliers are their passion for the business, their flexibility and adaptablity and, of course, the unique originality and creativity of their design proposals.


Chiaradia Exhibitions has been using sophisticated 3D design in a creative way for a long time, allowing for rapid assessment of the way our messages are being communicated. The human contact factor is, of course, extremely important when working closely together over many months under pressure with tight schedules. Keeping calm in a crisis, managing stress and 101 details at once while staying focused and organized is a great project management strength.


Their ability to move and adapt geographically is also a big advantage for us as a company with prominent international presence. I'm looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Chiaradia on future projects.


Ilona Ehrmann

Communication manager