Working closely together with you and your team

Chiaradia Exhibitions manages and produces tradeshow exhibits, interiors, showrooms, events and leisure experiences for many of the world’s top brands in various sectors and industries. Since our beginning in 1955 in the Netherlands, we have grown to a reliable, worldwide operating exhibition company. And we continue to grow!

Chiaradia clients have the convenience of experienced master craftsmen, communication strategists, idea shapers, designers, signage specialists as well as very sophisticated production shops, logistics departments and warehousing facilities. We work in over seventy countries - covering the Americas, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

We are member of organizations for Live Communication, which we use to channel new developments and innovations. We follow seminars; invite suppliers to receive information about new developments; and train our staff on a regular basis. We visit specialized conferences and exhibitions in the field of communication, marketing, graphics, design and audiovisual equipment to ensure that we are able to integrate the latest trends in our designs and production technologies. With a focus on sustainability.

We are Creative
We create conceptual exhibit designs, tailor made to your needs. 3D Branding that fully expresses both the inner values and outer image or your organization.

We are Passionate
Chiaradia Exhibitions employees are dedicated to fulfill your needs. Service is our middle name. We provide high level project management on an international scale. We have the people and the global alliance network that breeds total satisfaction, repeated success and long lasting client relationships!

We are in control
Logistics, planning and budget control are essential in our business. Our clients expect the same look and feel for their exhibit presentations all over the world. Depending on region we work with our global alliance partners to provide exhibit presentations to our quality standards. Chiaradia quality and design for local costs!


Remo Chiaradia


Exhibition construction has been a part of my life since I was born. It continues to fascinate me how, starting from a brainstorm session, a marketing communication concept is transformed into a three-dimensional environment with experience and power of attraction. Everything is possible, as long as you are willing to pay attention to it. I strive for this motto every day with our team and I believe in the power of this beautiful medium.

Mike Köppen

Exhibition Consultant / Sales & Marketing


Working with people and communication, what is more beautiful than that. Coming to a perfect 3-D branding through In an intensive interaction. I enjoy the creative process and the dynamic international character of my job and am proud to be able to work together with our professionals.

Alexandra Verbeek

Project Manager / Sales Assistant

As a mom, I fully enjoy my son and pamper him. As a project manager I try to unburden our clients. No challenge is too big! From Kuala Lumpur to Mexico City and everything in between; With power and passion, I arrange all matters for your stand presentation here at our home base as well on location.

Fiona van Loon

Project Management / Sales Assistant

With my communication and marketing background I find it very cool to see the vision of a client being translated into a 3-D concept. And consequently from a 3-D concept to a stand presentation. It gives me energy to organize these stand presentations, anywhere in the world, together with a team of passionate professionals.

Angelino Orie

Manager of Operations

Stand construction is not a profession but a passion. The challenge to achieve the same goal under different circumstances, cultures and guidelines, namely to ensure that your company is presented correctly in the world. I find satisfaction in delivering a good end product with the help of a close team.

John Smeets

Production Manager

The variety in this profession makes it attractive. Constantly working under time pressure is also addictive. It requires willpower, perseverance, creative thinking and flexibility. We also work with executive partners within a Global Alliance abroad. I am often present to monitor and guarantee the Chiaradia quality.

Patrick Smeets

Stand supervisor

No day is the same, every day offers new challenges. In this profession you can see something of the world and you get to know other cultures. It is my job to realize a design stand with a professional team within a certain time. Working in a customer-oriented way, providing service and a top position is what I stand for.

Ron Paulis

Stand Supervisor

It is very satisfying to see a booth grow from the start of a build-up to completion in all its details. The satisfaction of the customer is my motive. Originally I am a carpenter and I can enjoy a piece of craftsmanship. It remains a challenge to deliver a fully-fledged stand within a very short period of time. It is an exciting field with a lot of variety.

Boris Chiaradia

Performance Enhancement Manager